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Image of Alexis Ander Kashar. The founder and designer of Rose ByAnder Jewelery.
Rose ByAnder Logo

Love, unity, and belonging - are the principles that motivated Alexis Ander Kashar, a deaf civil rights attorney and entrepreneur, to launch RoseBYANDER, a jewelry collection built on community and expressed through love and this is her story.


My career as a civil rights attorney advocating for a more accessible society taught me that while advocacy can change the world in many ways, the most compelling form of advocacy comes from the power of human connection. Never did I imagine the power of statement jewelry to foster such powerful connections that transcend languages and cultures until I experienced it firsthand. 


My own experience with such power of statement jewelry began with a special diamond pendant that was created for my sister, our mother and myself to symbolize "I Love You" in sign language and our pride as members of the deaf and hard of hearing community. Ever since I began to wear my pendant, I have engaged in so many meaningful conversations with friends and strangers who are intrigued the pendant or want to share their own experiences. Unexpected connections are constantly made as a result of those conversations.

From there, RoseBYANDER was born, created by conversations and rooted in authenticity. The ANDER in RoseBYANDER represents the Ander family for which the pendant was created. The Rose represents love and harmony that is delivered through authentic connections.


The debut collection from RoseBYANDER introduces the Love Sign Pendant created from precious metals and stones to represent many different kinds of love including: romance, friendship, familial and community. Our mission is to share a universal symbol of multiple meanings of love.


Get an indepth look into the founder of RoseBYANDER Alexis Kashar through this 3 part video series.

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